The One Thing to Do Tomorrow to Ruin Your Own Day

Ignore your Creator.

That’s it.

If you ignore the One who gave you life tomorrow, you will end up ruining something or a lot of things.

Maybe the ‘ruin’ will come in loss of motivation or sense of purpose.  Perhaps you just act jerkier when you fail to reverently submit your will and character to God.  Or you may even cause someone true harm.  When you fail to honor the Giver of life, it is a short and easy step to dishonoring those God made.  And I bet you don’t want that!

Now…  how you choose to honor or thank or praise or follow God may vary day by day or throughout your life. But the very act of realizing our humble place in this giant world gives perspective and gives you the much better shot at doing right by the people and tasks before you!

So… Will you ignore the Creator and risk hurting some of his children and maybe ruin your day?

or… Will you honor the One who gave you life and breath and everything before you start using that life and breath and everything to ‘get things done?’

Have a good day… on purpose!

Take care,


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