Encouragement and inspiration from a seasoned leader

Phillip McClure began speaking professionally in 1986.  Phillip has spoken to adults and teenagers in churches, conferences, corporate off-sites, banquets, and retreats.

You can expect your audience to be captivated from the start, to laugh, and to be challenged to act on the principles taught.

See Phillip’s topics and key points for each keynote address below.  Phillip is also able to create custom talks on a variety of subjects with ample notice.

NOTE: a demo video is in production and will be forthcoming in the first quarter of 2018

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Keynote speeches/topics:


The People We Need and Need to Be

In the summer of 2015 a planned service trip to rural Guatemala nearly cost my family their lives. Throughout that journey, people partnered with us and served our family in many ways. My talk will tell that captivating and illustrative story, making applications to the partnerships and relationships of attendees in their communities, as well as challenging each person to examine themselves for personal development and growth in light of those who helped us and the character qualities they embodied.

Talk length: 30-75 minutes

Themes: perseverance, service to others, partnership, character development, humility

The Incredible Value of Life

I remember the first time I saw my father cry.  His work and a loss he witnessed was crushing.  This talk focuses on the value of life, especially valuing the lives of others.  Principles for deepening empathy and affirming those important in our lives will be taught and illustrated.  Applications to daily relationships like classmates, co-workers, family, and friends will be drawn.  Attendees will be challenged to assess themselves in this arena and to leave with actionable steps.

Talk length: 20-45 minutes

Themes: life, relationships, affirmations, empathy, service

The Power of One!

People innately know the power of one.  Sports franchises pay dearly for the ‘one’ player who might fill seats, dazzle people, and lead the team to championships.  Many people can quickly name the one person who most shaped their life or the one teacher that inspired them.  So what are you doing to ‘be the one’ in the lives of those around you?  How are you invested in the success of others?  Attendees will be encouraged to thank and honor those who were ‘the ones’ in their own lives and also to recognize and act as ‘the one’ in the lives of people in their community; especially those in genuine need.

Talk length: 20-60 minutes

Themes: leadership, mentoring, empathy, gratitude, service

Thriving in Marriage 

I got married because my wife was impressive in beauty and character, not because of hope in marriage.  Marriage is a partnership that is a struggle for two human beings no matter their starting points.  Theresa and I have been married for 27+ years and learned a few things along the way.  Everyone will laugh and be encouraged as stories of our best, worst, and funniest moments unfold.  And all will be challenged to judge themselves in areas of communication, conflict resolution, and perseverance.

Talk length: 45-75 minutes

Themes: marriage, communication, protocols for resolving conflict, listening, faithfulness, hope