Wise Kids: Proverbial Parenting, pt 4

Your son is faced with deciding whether or not to go to ‘that’ party. Your daughter is flirting with two guys online – and one is actually 50 regardless of his fake profile. If you want kids who choose wisely – who exhibit ‘discretion’ – you must model it for them and teach them how. […]

Kids You Would Want: Proverbial Parenting pt. 1

SERIES NOTE: This is a recurring series of posts on parenting skills based on biblical Proverbs Solomon is widely respected as ‘one of the wisest’ men to live on Earth, even among some who would not count the Bible fully true.  And much of the Bible book of Proverbs is wise statements from him intended […]

To the readers in 44 nations

Hello there.  I stand amazed that in my humble and inauspicious start as a blogger that people from 44 nations have read one post or another.  My assumption is our shared humanity is in common on both the fronts of growth and of the challenges of life. I have completed the first series of posts: […]

God’s Grace and Guatemalan Police

or... How fear can be converted into thanksgiving

The picture says a lot, especially to those who were there. Picture the most remote and rural spot you’ve visited.  Now… go a bit further – like hours of driving on horse cart paths in a minivan.  Ok.  Now you approach the river crossing – no bridge!  It’s 3 a.m.  Your team is exhausted.  You […]

“So What Do I Do Now?”
by River Valley Community Church, Fort Smith, AR

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May 24, 2015

Adam Kareus is my colleague and fellow pastor at River Valley Community Church.  He has served us here since June, 2012.  He is bright and funny and this message is among his best preaching the gospel.  Especially listen for the brilliant connection he makes between the Great Commission and the Trinity!  Enjoy, share, and comment!

The work is done.  The degree paperwork has arrived.  The regalia is cleaned and ready.  We would like to invite you to celebrate with us!

Sunday, June 7th at 3 p.m. at River Valley Community Church we will gather to worship, pray, and celebrate together.

Special comments will be shared by some of our leaders and by Theresa McClure, Phillip’s wife.  And Phillip will be sharing a short talk on why he took the time and effort to complete this degree, especially with an eye to encouraging and inspiring others to continue growing!


Date: June 7, 2015
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Event: Doctoral Hooding Ceremony for Phillip McClure
Topic: Why I studied for a Doctorate in Theology
Venue: River Valley Community Church
Location: 7030 Taylor Ave, Suite 1
Fort Smith 72916
Public: Public

“Why did God have to die?”
by Dr. Phillip McClure

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Life is tough sometimes.  Scripture reflects that.

And we are unafraid to address hard questions about the Christian faith!

The teaching series we just finished was called ‘Say What?!’ and dealt with the thorniest of questions.

This message was the final piece, examining a difficult and worthy question regarding the death of Jesus Christ for sins.

We hope you enjoy and share these with friends.

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Words to Winners of Souls

My colleague, Adam Kareus, gave this book to our staff as a gift after reading it himself.

Horatius Bonar, a Scotch minister, is bold and forthright in calling ministers – and all Christians for that matter – to keep the presentation of the gospel and the expectation of its fruits in saved people at the forefront of their mind, prayers, efforts, and expectations.

He describes in vivid terms the loss of passion among too many ministries and ministers.  The scene is warmly bleak of many who offer programs and gentle succor during their careers but miss the Great Commission altogether!

I would go so far as to say this should be required reading for anyone who genuinely holds that the gospel of Jesus Christ is of ultimate value and the only means to salvation for people.

May God continually help me keep these powerful thoughts floating to the top of my prayers and actions amidst the other responsibilities of ministry within the local church.

And, should you choose to read this short and captivating book for yourself, may God quicken and use you equally!


““May I enter Jesus as a refuge, build on him as my foundation, walk in him as my way, follow him as my guide, conform to him as my example.” #ValleyofVision”

UPS and Curses

or... 'Just don't take it if it ain't yours.'

UPS delivers a lot of packages all around the world.  I’ve been a sender, recipient, and shipping clerk in a warehouse, so I’ve had the chance to know a bunch of UPS folks.  They deliver.  But that doesn’t make them perfect. The system can break down from the point of someone filling out the address […]