The One Thing to Do Tomorrow to Ruin Your Own Day

Ignore your Creator. That’s it. If you ignore the One who gave you life tomorrow, you will end up ruining something or a lot of things. Maybe the ‘ruin’ will come in loss of motivation or sense of purpose.  Perhaps you just act jerkier when you fail to reverently submit your will and character to […]

A geographic expansion

or... How I plan to serve more people in more places with speaking and facilitation!

Quick!  Who are some people that inspired you in your life? I bet some were the best people you knew whose inspiration was because of character, loyalty, and love.  They were family and close friends or co-workers or neighbors.  They lived simply and faithfully and kept their word. I also bet some were people whose […]

Purity Matters: Proverbial Parenting, pt 5

SERIES NOTE: This is a recurring series of posts on parenting skills based on biblical Proverbs Purity matters – in the pasteurization of milk, the quality of olive oil, and… oh yeah!… in relationships according to God! When we are very young, male and female doesn’t matter to us much so long as the other […]

Wise Kids: Proverbial Parenting, pt 4

Your son is faced with deciding whether or not to go to ‘that’ party. Your daughter is flirting with two guys online – and one is actually 50 regardless of his fake profile. If you want kids who choose wisely – who exhibit ‘discretion’ – you must model it for them and teach them how. […]

Active Faith: Proverbial Parenting, pt 3

“It is the man who does actually strive to do the deeds… The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.”  Theodore Roosevelt SERIES NOTE: This is a recurring series of posts on parenting skills based on biblical Proverbs Teaching your children to be people of action is an important factor for […]

Healthy Fear: Proverbial Parenting pt. 2

“I won’t go rock-climbing with someone who doesn’t show a proper fear of the inherent risks involved.”  A climbing instructor to me years ago Fear is not a bad thing.  There are forms of fear that are manipulative and controlling and unhealthy.  But fearing heights, snakes, and the power of electricity, for example, could lead […]

Kids You Would Want: Proverbial Parenting pt. 1

SERIES NOTE: This is a recurring series of posts on parenting skills based on biblical Proverbs Solomon is widely respected as ‘one of the wisest’ men to live on Earth, even among some who would not count the Bible fully true.  And much of the Bible book of Proverbs is wise statements from him intended […]

What is ‘next’ for you to keep growing?

I lift weights, often feeling inadequate and weak, struggling to remain motivated at least one day each week, and reveling in the chance to improve my physical health.  Today marks my completion of a 3-month weight-lifting workout plan.  It has been challenging and rewarding.  My thanks to Dr. Jim Stoppani for the ‘Shortcut to Size’ […]

25 Lessons from 25 Years of Marriage, pt 9

SERIES NOTE:  Since one of the most read posts I’ve published was about how Theresa and I stayed married for 25 years so far, here’s a series of 25 lessons I’ve learned in that 25 years!  I’ll be posting twice weekly – Mondays and Wednesdays – with this series.  And Fridays will be something fun/different. […]