The One Thing to Do Tomorrow to Ruin Your Own Day

Ignore your Creator. That’s it. If you ignore the One who gave you life tomorrow, you will end up ruining something or a lot of things. Maybe the ‘ruin’ will come in loss of motivation or sense of purpose.  Perhaps you just act jerkier when you fail to reverently submit your will and character to […]

Invigorating Volunteers with Loving Leadership

Or... Dr. McClure's Four Repeated Attempts to Rightly Value Members of Our Local Church!

My three-decade old career centers on volunteers.   I have enjoyed paying a total of seven people to work alongside me during all that time.  The VAST majority of my interactions with ‘people who get things done!’ is with volunteers in a local church. Why should that matter to you? Because if you are not […]

To the readers in 44 nations

Hello there.  I stand amazed that in my humble and inauspicious start as a blogger that people from 44 nations have read one post or another.  My assumption is our shared humanity is in common on both the fronts of growth and of the challenges of life. I have completed the first series of posts: […]

The Unmeasurable Losses of Inaction

I have wasted far too much in my life, running after useless trinkets, watching endless hours of moving pictures on a box that mean little to nothing in the scope of a real life lived, and preferring my own comfort over the genuine needs of others. Not only as an American who thoughtlessly uses resources […]

25 Lessons from 25 Years of Marriage, pt 6

SERIES NOTE:  Since one of the most read posts I’ve published was about how Theresa and I stayed married for 25 years so far, here’s a series of 25 lessons I’ve learned in that 25 years!  I’ll be posting twice weekly – Mondays and Wednesdays – with this series.  And Fridays will be something fun/different. […]

A Selfish (but not) Reason to Mentor Teens

or... Why This Is My 24th Year to Attend 'Youth Camp'

The fear welled up in my throat, accentuated by pouring sweat under my helmet, freezing my muscles and causing me to feel paralyzed as I looked down the cliff off of which I was rappelling. Because of 20+ years of youth ministry, I’ve been privileged to rock climb, rappel, hike, orienteer (map & compass), camp, […]

Why I would tell a linebacker ‘you are precious’

I  am a Christian and a pastor.  Without reservation, I am a follower of Jesus Christ. Part of the expression of my faith was being a youth pastor for 20+ years.  Theresa and I worked with thousands of youth in multiple churches in three states!  It was a joy and loud and fun and incredible […]

The One Way to Make It to the Top

Or... A lesson I learned on the Hungerburgbahn funicular

‘Make it to the top’ is a phrase used in so many ways.  Be the best.  Beat everyone else.  ‘King of the world’ or at least the ‘mountain.’  And here I’ll use it two ways.  The first is literally to make it to the top of a mountain in the Alps. The picture you see […]

Three Things Pastors Don’t Tell You About Sermons

or... What in the world are they thinking?

So today my colleague and I are going to plan out sermons for the next year – over lunch.  Sounds ridiculous, perhaps, but we are not going into it with a blank slate.  We listen to people, leaders, and unbelievers for their questions and problems and confusion over Biblical truths.  We cross-pollenate ideas from our […]

Do You Even Care About Apathy?

Or... Caring about caring matters

The professor slouched into the classroom, slumped down into the chair, hair unkempt, raggedly dressed, and tossed her combat boot-laden feet up on the desk.  She did not care.  While it was visually obvious, even to a lowly freshman like me, she poignantly validated it with her opening words: “I don’t really care about this […]