What is ‘next’ for you to keep growing?

I lift weights, often feeling inadequate and weak, struggling to remain motivated at least one day each week, and reveling in the chance to improve my physical health.  Today marks my completion of a 3-month weight-lifting workout plan.  It has been challenging and rewarding.  My thanks to Dr. Jim Stoppani for the ‘Shortcut to Size’ […]

God’s Grace and Guatemalan Police

or... How fear can be converted into thanksgiving

The picture says a lot, especially to those who were there. Picture the most remote and rural spot you’ve visited.  Now… go a bit further – like hours of driving on horse cart paths in a minivan.  Ok.  Now you approach the river crossing – no bridge!  It’s 3 a.m.  Your team is exhausted.  You […]

Why I would tell a linebacker ‘you are precious’

I  am a Christian and a pastor.  Without reservation, I am a follower of Jesus Christ. Part of the expression of my faith was being a youth pastor for 20+ years.  Theresa and I worked with thousands of youth in multiple churches in three states!  It was a joy and loud and fun and incredible […]

What He Must Be …if he wants to marry my daughter (Crossway, 2009)

We have six daughters and one son.  I’ve already conducted, attended and sung for more weddings than I can remember.  But I have a number of McClure weddings yet to come.  And as a father who is faulty but dedicated to preparing our children for real lives lived with real Christian faith, this book called out to me from a shelf of many books.  We were on vacation when I bought it, so I didn’t start reading it until we got home.  Now I wish I’d read it many years ago!

Voddie Baugham does an excellent job of teaching scriptural principles with a mix of humility and boldness.  His assessment of culture and, more importantly, the culture of the typical ‘Christian’ family in America today, is sharp and accurate.  Then into that culture he trumpets the responsibility of parents and the responsibilities of their children as young adults to use God’s ‘minimum requirements’ when seeking a mate rather than the shallow and too-often-self-focused filters most young people have at that age.

I have read and re-read portions of this book for me as a father.  The first chapter alone on a ‘multi-generational vision’ for your family is worth the price of the book!  We have discussed many of these principles with our kids who are now in the teen or adult stage of life.  Like any family there is tension between wills at times, but love prevails and even having the conversation is an indication of genuine interest and care.  I dare you to do the same.

How I Learned to Get On With It!

Or... Thistles and Initiative

Oak Grove was the name of my grandparents’ gorgeous farm in south central Kentucky.  We spent many holidays and summer days there. But when I turned 12, my grandfather told me I could work and get paid for it!  Wow.  I was so ready to earn my way in the world and make my grandfather […]

“It is not necessary for a man to be actively bad in order to make a failure in life; simple inaction will accomplish it.  Nature has everywhere written her protest against idleness; everything which ceases to struggle, which remains inactive, rapidly deteriorates.  It is the struggle toward an ideal, the constant effort to get higher and further, which develops manhood and character.”

When tired or down, feeling ragged or weak, I have read this on my office wall many times.  And it has helped me to take just one more step.  To avoid inaction with action, whether the action of rest and thoughtful pondering or the action of momentum and passionate execution of a plan, will indeed yield so much more for you and for those observing your life!

James Terry White

Raising up men women will cherish

The real hope of real time with real men

This is not a post about rippling abs…  or guys with financial riches…  or any other shallow culturally defined ‘manhood.’ A group of men I know are raising up a group of young men that women will really cherish.  Know why? Because those young men will respect, cherish, and love them without reservation!!!  This weekend […]