Invigorating Volunteers with Loving Leadership

Or... Dr. McClure's Four Repeated Attempts to Rightly Value Members of Our Local Church!

My three-decade old career centers on volunteers.   I have enjoyed paying a total of seven people to work alongside me during all that time.  The VAST majority of my interactions with ‘people who get things done!’ is with volunteers in a local church. Why should that matter to you? Because if you are not […]

Active Faith: Proverbial Parenting, pt 3

“It is the man who does actually strive to do the deeds… The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.”  Theodore Roosevelt SERIES NOTE: This is a recurring series of posts on parenting skills based on biblical Proverbs Teaching your children to be people of action is an important factor for […]

A Selfish (but not) Reason to Mentor Teens

or... Why This Is My 24th Year to Attend 'Youth Camp'

The fear welled up in my throat, accentuated by pouring sweat under my helmet, freezing my muscles and causing me to feel paralyzed as I looked down the cliff off of which I was rappelling. Because of 20+ years of youth ministry, I’ve been privileged to rock climb, rappel, hike, orienteer (map & compass), camp, […]

The One Way to Make It to the Top

Or... A lesson I learned on the Hungerburgbahn funicular

‘Make it to the top’ is a phrase used in so many ways.  Be the best.  Beat everyone else.  ‘King of the world’ or at least the ‘mountain.’  And here I’ll use it two ways.  The first is literally to make it to the top of a mountain in the Alps. The picture you see […]