A geographic expansion

or... How I plan to serve more people in more places with speaking and facilitation!

Quick!  Who are some people that inspired you in your life?

I bet some were the best people you knew whose inspiration was because of character, loyalty, and love.  They were family and close friends or co-workers or neighbors.  They lived simply and faithfully and kept their word.

I also bet some were people whose inspiration was because of dynamic impact on you despite not knowing them very well.  They were a guest speaker or a coach at a sports camp you attended.

Mostly my career has been in the first category.

For 30 years my wife and I (and our 7 kids over time) have served the local church.  We have joyfully poured our lives into relationship building, preaching, discipling, counseling, and serving those who were children, youth, or adults in the local church where I was on the staff as a pastor.

It has been a rewarding and joy-filled life despite the normal challenges that career includes.

Now my career is shifting to the second category.

Now, at least for a season of life, my efforts will not be centered in a particular local church, but will be expanded to serve groups, teams, conferences, businesses, and non-profits all over!

Our efforts will still be focused on inspiring people and building teams; but now we will be more free and more mobile to bring those services to whomever we may serve wherever they may be!

How we may connect (and how we might serve you!)

This page is my blog and there will be some changes soon to make it easy and clear for people to communicate with me for speaking or for facilitation (team-building activities, communication enhancing challenges, etc.).

Feel free to share this link to my blog.  Dr. Phillip McClure’s blog

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My email is: dr.phillip.mcclure@gmail.com

Our Facebook page for facilitation services is found here:  https://www.facebook.com/PhillipMcClureFacilitationServices/  You can find photos, videos and more on our team-building challenges!


is something we’ve been doing for our whole career of 30 years, but as a business for the last twelve years.

We have served over 60 organizations from a small business of a dozen to a department of a corporation numbering over 300!  We’ve had the privilege to serve schools (students and staffs), small businesses, executive teams of corporations, non-profit staffs, church staffs, and community leadership development classes.

We have spent over 675 hours on site with those teams, utilizing over 50 different venues.  We are mobile!

We have presented teams and groups with dozens of different challenges, some of which we use repeatedly and some of which were tailored to the needs and objectives of particular teams.

Contact me for a quote to help your team or business improve the dynamics, performance, and esprit de corps among you!


Having delivered thousands of sermons and hundreds of talks to audiences of various sizes and demographics, I love to speak to groups with passion and to serve them well!

While most of my speaking over three decades has been to teenagers, students, and adults in churches, I’ve been requested to speak to sororities, university staff development meetings, community service groups, camps, and conferences.

What group or class or organization do you know that needs a speaker?

I’m developing talks on a number of topics. I want to hear about your group and their needs to determine what topic and approach could best inspire or challenge them!

Again my email is… dr.phillip.mcclure@gmail.com

Let’s talk soon and I am excited to serve people all over with speaking and facilitation!



P.S. Quotes can be given promptly and discounts may be available to non-profits or repeating clients!

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